Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One year post-op....

I couldn't help but think over the past couple of weeks that it has been a whole YEAR now since my jaw surgery (3 piece Lefort osteomy on the top and BSSO on the bottom)! A year ago today, my diet was getting a bit better, but I could not really handle much more than a milkshake!

What a year it has been though....my first-born was born in August of last year, roughly three weeks prior to my braces coming off for good! Needless to say time has flown by!

I thought I would document any remaining symptoms I have from the surgery given that it is now one year later. Happy to report: NONE. At first, everything in or around my mouth (i.e. cheeks, nose, chin) was numbed, but the feeling came back gradually (some areas took longer than others). Today, the roof of my mouth is still a bit sensitive, but I wouldn't call it numb. Everything else is normal as far as I can tell! I have full range of motion with my mouth, meaning that I don't feel like my mouth is being restricted in any way when I try to open it as wide as possible.

Again, my braces came off around five months after the surgery. I was given a permanently fixed retainer on the inside of my upper six and lower six teeth (essentially just a piece of wire glued along those teeth to help keep them straight). I was also issued a removable retainer which I had to wear 24/7 with the exception of meals.....which, after nearly four years with metal in my mouth, was FINE by me! Soon, the retainer will be for night time only, and then by this time next year, I'm expecting I won't be needing it at all!

I do have a before-and-after picture below. I realize I have not been posting my immediate post-op pictures, and I'm not sure I want to. Seeing those pictures on other blogs did nothing but scare the hell out of me, and while you WILL look like a wreck, you won't feel nearly as bad as you'll look! And by the way, I was back to working from home after one week, and back to the office after two. After the swelling peaks on day 3 or 4, you'll see a RAPID decrease in swelling to the point where you feel like you can go out in public!

Not much else to report on!

Best of luck for anyone currently or thinking about undergoing the treatment. Any time you have a question, please let me know.

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